9781338038545-small-webAutism Spectrum Disorder in the Inclusive Classroom: How to Reach and Teach Students with ASD, 2nd Edition

In addition to all of the valuable, accessible ideas teachers loved in the first edition, you’ll find tons of new information, concepts, strategies, and resources:
• An expanded grade range (now K–8), in response to reader demand for middle school support
• New resources, including:
~a brand-new chapter about collaborating with colleagues to establish a truly inclusive school community
~reproducible fact sheets you can easily share with classroom paraprofessionals, building staff, and special area teachers
~a new feature called “There’s an App for That,” providing tips for using technology
to support every area of challenge
• The latest developments on the autism landscape, including:
~skyrocketing statistics reflecting the prevalence of ASD
~entirely new diagnostic criteria for ASD
~the special challenges presented by the Common Core State Standards and other
rigorous new state standards—and ways to navigate them successfully

Praise for the 1st edition:
“Barbara Borosonʼs 
Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Mainstream Classroom: How to Reach and Teach Students with ASDs engages the reader with a well–thought­–out discussion of how unique individuals on the autistic spectrum differ in their abilities and how these differences may be incorporated in reaching them and teaching them. Her writing is clear and accessible. It gives her readers an understanding of the complexity of ASD by using concrete examples and provides tools and techniques that help steer students towards success. I highly recommend that her book be read cover to cover and kept as a reference on the bookshelf of anyone wishing to bring about Borosonʼs stated goal of developing inclusive classrooms where all students can learn and grow.”
—Matt Stoeckel, Psych Central (2012)

Cover art created by Jorge Namerow.