Token Economies

(Supplementary to Chapter 3, “The Simmering Pot” in Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Mainstream Classroom: How to Reach and Teach Students With ASDs)

More Ideas for a Classroom Token Economy System

Using Token Economy Systems

→Only When You Earn It: Try to limit or restrict access to the reinforcing activity in order to maximize the value of earning it.

Inventive Incentives

→Token Tower: Let students earn Unifix Cubes as tokens. Students can watch their progress develop into a colorful tower.

→Barrel of Fun: Try raiding Barrels of Monkeys for tokens. Any student with a ten-monkey-long chain at the end of the week earns a treasure.

→Token Economy Puzzles: Take or find a picture of a motivating reinforcement, such as a computer or favorite toy. Laminate the picture and cut it into ten pieces (or fewer to start out). Let students earn pieces toward the whole, and when the puzzle is complete, they get computer time, or whatever is pictured in their own completed puzzle. Some students can participate in selecting the reward for their earning system. (Ernsperger, 2003.)