Free Reproducibles as seen in Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Inclusive Classroom, 2nd Edition: How to Reach and Teach Students With ASD.

Parent Questionnaire

Reach out to parents and caregivers, even before Day One, so that you can hit the ground running with a thorough holistic and historical understanding of your students. Click here to print a 2-page Parent Questionnaire template.

Communication Log Success Chart

Paste this chart into your students’ school/home communication logs each week to easily keep families apprised of goals and progress.
Click here to print a Success Chart template.

Emotions Thermometer

This colorful graphic helps your students monitor their own escalating moods. Place it on the desks of students who need it, or post it on the classroom wall for everyone’s benefit. Click here to print an Emotions Thermometer.

Sensory Accommodations

Use this handy list of simple sensory accommodations to make your classroom sensory friendly and to head off sensory reactions.
Click here to print Sensory Accommodation Suggestions

Every Child Belongs

This quote, from Laurie Levy, an educator in Illinois, really speaks to me. It gets at the heart of what inclusion is all about—warts and all.
Click here to print “Every Child Belongs”