Teacher & Therapist Tools

www.augresources.com: Materials to enhance communication, language, and literacy skills, such as communication books, picture schedules, picture choice boards, and visual aid displays.

www.dynavoxtech.com: Speech generating devices and symbol-adapted special education software to support students with communication challenges.

www.goboardmaker.com: Symbol-based products to enhance learning and expression for individuals with special needs. Includes Boardmaker software and 11,000 Picture Communication symbols in 44 languages.

www.irlen.com: Colored overlays and filtered lenses to improve visual processing and reduce sensitivity.

www.kaplanco.com: Tools to support learners, including Reading Highlighter Strips, primer paper with raised lines, kinesthetic teaching tools, and much more.

www.lakeshorelearning.com: General and specialized classroom supplies, equipment, and organizational tools.

www.regiscollege.edu: This incredibly comprehensive collection of terrific therapeutic activities was recommended to me by a young woman who volunteers with students who have autism. (Thanks, Peyton!)

www.partysupplydirect.com: Discounted bulk trinkets and tokens.

www.pecs.com: Teacher training in using picture-based communication to best effect.

www.renlearn.com: The NEO 2  and other advanced technology from Renaissance Technologies to support students’ efforts to write and write at school.

www.schkidules.com: Magnetic icons and display boards.

www.schoolspecialty.com: Clearinghouse for educational tools, activities, and products from over 30 brands, featuring a section designated specifically for students with special needs.

www.silverliningmm.com: Thousands of photographic icons.

www.teachervision.com: Free printable resources and graphic organizers:

www.therapro.com, and therapyshoppe.com: Speech and occupational therapy tools, activities, products, and toys for education professionals and families, such as pencil grips, tilt boards, seat cushions, fidget toys, therapeutic putty, and other sensory and strengthening tools.

www.timetimer.com: Products to help students see and understand the passage of time.