In-Service Training for Teachers’ Aides

Last week I had the opportunity to provide an in-service training to all of the teachers’ aides in the Bronxville, NY school district. The workshop was called, “Making a Difference in the Classroom: Support for Supporters.” We talked about the many ways that difficulty with Executive Function can dramatically impact classroom behavior. We explored strategies to help impulsive students capture that elusive “stop-and-think” moment before acting or reacting.

We also looked at ways to read behavior as communication, and practiced classroom strategies for getting to the root of the problem, rather than just responding to the symptoms.

And we got up and had fun violating each other’s personal space, while learning to recognize and respect individual boundaries and avoid potential behavior triggers.

But the best part for me was when I challenged the teachers’ aides to share a gratifying aspect of their work. I was so pleased to see that every participant was easily able to identify rewarding experiences. In the end, it’s that kind of optimistic energy that is the best predictor of success.

All told, a positive—and gratifying—day.

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