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Praise for Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Inclusive Classroom:
“Boroson’s years of experience are apparent throughout the pages of her book. Each chapter furthers your understanding of autism while also providing discrete suggestions and interventions. Rather than a prescriptive and potentially overwhelming list of ‘must-dos,’ she promotes an approach that focuses ‘less on implementing strategies and more on looking at our students through [an] investigative lens.’
“Throughout the book, Boroson is cognizant of how having children with autism spectrum disorder in the classroom can affect those around them, including teachers and other students. She writes, ‘As you begin this journey with students on the autism spectrum, you may be nearly as anxious as they are.’ And [though] the experience can be rewarding, she notes that ‘progress is likely to be resoundingly quiet, conspicuously subtle.’
“Boroson has created a highly readable book that offers concrete advice while also providing a general philosophy and approach that can be applied broadly to children both on and off the spectrum. Furthermore, while the focus of this book is for teachers in general classrooms, parents are also likely to find benefit from her approach.

— Megan Riddle, PsychCentral

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